Why are men so one sided?


Why are men so one sided? My boyfriend went through my phone and found a video of me dancing with a guy at a party, but it wasn't really anything serious, but being the fact that Im in a relationship, it was wrong of me. I once told him I dont ever dance with guys at parties so him seeing that video makes him think that I been lying to him the whole time when Im not. It was just that one time so he broke up with me over that. A couple days later, I show one of my classmates his picture and she told me she saw him at homecoming once, dancing with a drunk girl, but this was before the whole situation happened with him going through my phone. If i were to be upset about that, he would make it seem like i am over exaggerating. Also, when he's upset. its a long process but if I were to stay upset, then it would be a problem to them. Why is it like that?
Why are men so one sided?
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