Guys, if you're interested in a girl (i. e. who's in your lectures) would you approach her? Would you move on if she didn't initiate convo?

There's a guy in several of my lectures who I noticed stared at me a few times. Before I realized I liked him, I'd glance at him and we'd maintain eye contact before I'd look away. After I realized I liked him, I shyly avoided catching his eye but could've sworn I saw him looking at me out of my peripherals on several occasions.

He's (in my opinion) way more attractive than me, so since he hasn't approached me should I just assume he's not interested in me? (To be fair, I could be reading too much into the whole eye contact thing.)

Also, would you move on if the girl you were interested in didn't approach you? Even if it's obvious she's a shy person?


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  • I don't mind talking but she has to show interest if not I'll stop eventually

    • Do you mean if she shows interest when you're talking with her or before you approach her? (Thanks for the opinion by the way :))

    • No first talk then show interest

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  • Some of them wouldn't make a move because they are terrified of rejection.

    • Thanks for the opinion! That's what I was thinking (or rather hoping) was the case here. But I started to doubt myself when I remembered that this is a guy who I imagine a bunch of girls like too...

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