Who does not date at all anymore or have completely given up on dating altogether?

Please Do Not answer if you or still want to continue to date and have a relationship or that you are unsure about whether you'll give up or not.

This question is meant for those that have already given up and no longer have the heart, will, nor desire to ever be with anyone or ever date anyone at all for really any reasons anymore.

So did anyone here also give up? I'm sure some of you here did. It's also possible that you can give up without trying, you don't have to try first and then give up afterwards.

If you gave up, any particular reasons as to why you want to share with me? Want to share your story about why you had given up on dating altogether now?

Anything, such as from money, or lack of money or a job, or having a busy work or school schedule, loss of interest, too many bad experiences, such as really bad partners in previous relationships, like the drama or trauma that you had experienced or something like cheating and lying partners? try to stay clear of blaming someone or something else if possible.

Or some other explanations you want to mention?

If you are really ok with your decision of giving up, you wouldn't have any second thoughts about it, and you would not would think that it would be wrong or anything. It's really your choice, because it's your life anyway.

@Library @Unit1 I'm sure you guys had already given up, so that makes 3 of us. Don't know about everyone else here. I would like to have our own Single For Lifers crowd or club here at GAG so we can all introduce ourselves and remind each other that, "hey you ain't the only one that had given up on relationships and/or dating and that it is ok that we had made those decisions because we are fine with these choices that we had made."

Anybody else?
Anyone given up on dating? Where are all the #ForeverAlone or #SingleForever #SingleForLife users?


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  • I have completely given up. I'm not trying to blame other people but it's really based on the way things are. For example, it's pretty hard to find a girl I'm interested in who likes me back and accepts me for the way I am. I know this may sound a bit narcissistic to a lot of people, but I don't want to go out with someone who doesn't like something about me and wishes it was different. Especially when it's something i have no control over. My life choices, such as not having kids will make it harder to find a woman who doesn't want kids either. There some other things that are not too desirable for most women either (I have listed them in one of my previous myTakes). There are women out there who don't want kids but that doesn't necessarily mean she's the right one for me. I also gave up on women because I grew to dislike them in general. I realized how narcissistic and hypocritical most of them are anyways so it's okay for me to not have deal with it. That's okay because they don't have to deal with me either! In my experience, it hurt my self esteem every time I dated someone. It has never turned into anything special and I always regret the dating experiences. I also realized that people in relationships are not happier than people who are single. I don't want to ever come across someone who is a cheater and will waste my time. For me, masturbation is just as good as having sex with someone else. I'll be happy turning myself on than having a person who might be worthless turning me on.


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  • I am not actively looking or even hoping for anything, but this isn't giving up. The mistake a lot of people make is that they are too hopeful or will expect too much, especially from other people. They convince themselves that they *need* a significant other or that they *need* love and it just disappoints them later when they begin to see that it isn't that easy. We live in a time now where women are generally not the same as they used to be, and men are changing as well because of it. Women aren't obligated to live at home anymore, they can have careers now and that's what many of them around our age are focusing on. It would be best for you to do the same, and just interact with women as they come around or whenever it benefits you.

    If a woman were to approach me and she seemed genuinely interested and she was decent herself, then I'd certainly be willing to get to know her better and see where it leads. But I don't chase after women and I don't initiate and I've been happier ever since.

  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a31815-my-unique-situation-why-i-think-love-is-beyond-my-grasp

    I did NOT exactly "give up". It's just, that I have no choice at all. I still desire a sweet girl in my life, not for the purpose of reproducing and marrying her but for the purpose of loving her and being loved by her if LOVE is not extinct. It's one more way to cope with reality and having a special someone from the opposite sex and sexual outlets.

    Of course the cold void and dark emptiness cannot be filled but I do these things for pleasure for me and someone else's because after all it's teamwork.

    So until I can at last relocate, I remain inevitably single. I cannot be in a relationship with that kind of culture because it turns me completely OFF!

    No, I am not in Iceland.

    I don't make this a big deal but I see plenty of people getting laid by 18 whereas I am going to be 22 in a few weeks and still did not touch a girl in my life other than the hands of cashiers.

    Relationships - like they don't matter is something, that I share with you. I don't need one to be happy but it would be amazing to have one because it's what I really want. Coping with life effectively is what I call it.

  • I don't know, I never really tried in the first place :/

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