When was your first time?

So answer as many questions as you feel like but I was just wondering when was your: first time having sex? First kiss? First make out? First "relationship"? First real relationship? First time cuddling? And anything else that you'd like to share lol I just want to hear about other people's experiences.


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  • First kiss: around 6 or 7 I think.
    First relationship: 16
    First time cuddling: 16
    First make out: 16


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  • First actual kiss.. i was 16. It was okay. From a douchey guy. I guess he was the first guy i made out with too. He was good. But nothing became of it.
    First time having sex was super awkward. I hooked up with a guy i barely knew to get it over with. He was nice, and careful. It wasn't a bad experience. Just wish id waited because it holds no meaning. I got to learn that not being a virgin doesn't fix your self esteem haha.

    I've been in a few "relationships" but none have been serious until my current one. He's the only guy I've ever cuddled with, or really opened up with. He's as much my friend as he is my fiance :)


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  • first time having sex?
    First kiss?
    -- 13
    First make out?
    -- 14
    First "relationship"?
    First real relationship?
    First time cuddling?

  • First time having sex: 14
    First kiss: 12
    First make out: 14
    First "relationship": 12
    First real relationship: 14
    First time cuddling: 13

  • None of these are applicable. :'(

  • Still a virgin

  • hey you sound cute :) i can tell you stuff. can i drop you a message? :)


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  • first time having sex? 14
    First kiss? 14
    First make out? 14
    First "relationship"? 14
    First real relationship? 15
    First time cuddling? 14

  • I lost my V-card at 17.
    The first kiss is a tough one. I had a pre-school boyfriend who i kissed, and I kissed various guys during games of truth or dare in middleschool. My first "real" kiss was when I was 15, whih was simultaneously my first makeout.
    First "kind of relationship but not really" was with the guy who took my virginity, at 17.
    The first guy I actually dated I met at 18.
    My first cuddle was super early, at like 13 or something :D

  • first time having sex- 15, literally today
    first kiss- 14
    first makeout- 14
    first "relationship"- 12
    first real relationship- 14
    first cuddling- 14

    all of the 14-15 age things are the same guy, who i am dating now and had sex with half an hour ago. it was so fucking amazing, just a little awkward because he is 7.1"!!! so we had to do some stretching to make it fit, and it was a little painful. i didn't bleed though. we'd done all of those "everything but" stuff (fingering, handjobs, eating out, etc.) and so it wasn't super awkward, we were laughing and messing around and it was full of love ^w^ i couldn't be happier, even though i'm only 15

  • First kiss, 15
    First make out (without tongues) 15
    With tongues 16
    First real relationship 16
    First time having sex 16