Did I turn him off because of my inexperience in kissing?

we have been friends for awhile and he recently started to show interest in me. I've stayed the night at his house quit a bit and we have gone on a couple dates. He is taking things slow which is fine with me. The 3rd night I stayed there he kissed me on the cheek during the night and also the hand and the neck. We cuddled all night, there was no time that we were not cuddling eachother in some way. Then the next time which was a couple days later he got up to go to work and he laid on top of me saying he didn't want to go to work I was hugging him and he stared at me and we kissed on the lips. That one didn't feel bad but right when he was about to leave he leaned over me and I got up fast and gave him a kiss which ended up being forceful and really quick. He was like "that was awful" and we kissed again longer that time. The thing is though is that he hasn't been texting me that much (this is the same day it happened) we usually text or snapchat a lot. And today after we kissed we haven't Really texted or snapchatted at all today :( I hope I didn't turn him off because of one bad kiss. I'm not the most experienced at it. Do you think he was turned off? Like I said we have been really good friends for awhile and just recently started seeing eachother. I really like him and don't want to ruin anything.
Did I turn him off because of my inexperience in kissing?
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