I need help with an online guy I met?

Im a 22 year old girl and around 1 month ago i met a guy online, he's 20. The first day we met we had sex on Skype and after that we started talking over Skype ( text and call ) almost every day for hours.
We were really clicking with eachother and talking about a lot of things he seemed genuinely interested in me as i was in him. But things got bad when my parents filed for divorce and i started getting mad at everything, and taking a bit of my anger on him.
He supported me for a few days but then we had a fight and i deleted him. Then we sorted it out and started talking again.
The problem started about a week ago he said he was going to be very busy because he had exams coming up and he has to study more than ever. For the last week if i dont approach him he doesn't say anything and we re talking less and less.
Today i exploded on him and he told me he had a date with a sweet girl this evening over text. I started crying and fell really bad and showed him i was jealous.
The problem is this is not the first time he tries to make me angry. I dont know if he's serious or just told me that to make me jealous? He told me that after i said i was going off Skype for a while because i wanted to travel ( i was angry ).
Now he went to sleep and he told me he was done but we can still talk.
What should i do? Please help i really like this guy :(
PS- we're from diferent countries
Update - he doesn't reply to my messages but hasn't deleted me or blocked me from Skype either
I need help with an online guy I met?
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