Does he like me?

I'm a girl in college and so is he; we're both the same age. When we have class together, we sit on the seats outside of our class waiting. When I arrive I usually sit on the couch he's sitting at but, we're always at opposite ends. He usually takes his headphones out to talk to me so I think that would mean he likes me in some way because he's so eager to talk to me. He always initiates the conversation first and sometimes I feel bad because I honestly have no idea how to start the conversation. I feel this awkward tension between us because he is so tense and I think he likes me but I'm just not sure.
He seems to always follow me around like a lost puppy. We sit next to each other before class, in class and after class we go to the library together. Before we started going to the library together, he would wait for me after class and would walk with me then, we'd branch off. One day he told me he was going to the library and just stood there awkwardly so, I asked if he wanted me to go with him and now since then we always go to the library. One day he actually ignored me which confused me at first because he usually talks to me. He kept his headphones in and he left class without waiting for me; however, he still went to the library after class and sat right next to me. Was he trying to play me hot and cold?
He talks to me about almost anything and he seems to be pretty open with me. He talks about his past relationships with me too which is kind of awkward. Whenever he talks to me he always clenches his jaw shut like he's nervous or something but, when he jokes around with me he talks normally. He seems to be fine talking to me but when I'm with my friend he just sits there and doesn't try to make conversation; he is usually on his phone scrolling. Although, the other day he seemed hear every word because he butted in and started talking to us. Maybe it was just a shy thing?
Does he like me?
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