Third date: Is she no longer interested if she says she has plans and does not attempt to reschedule?

So me and this girl in my college class have been on two "dates" if you consider an hour long coffee and going to an hour and a half school event together alone as a date. I normally walk her to her next class so while we were walking yesterday I asked her out to the zoo on Friday and she said she has plans. I said "oh ok," then she was like "The zoo?" in a surprising way. We then moved on to another subject and was still talking to me like usual. She then said "bye" to me at the end as usual. I'm going to ask her again tomorrow but I guess the zoo isn't a good idea judging by her reaction? Where should I ask her to then? I prefer if it wasn't dinner because I'm not much of a conversationalist. Should I ask if she has any plans this weekend first or just straight up ask if she wants to go on Saturday night?


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  • Yes, she probably decided that you guys are not a match.

    • Should I still try to ask her out?

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    • That is not a good idea.

    • Ok, can we still be friends though? After I asked her out she still seemed pretty interested in talking to me. I guess I got friend zoned already?

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  • Honestly man I think she see's you as a friend. If she was into you she would have offered another time and went to the zoo if she wasn't super excited about it. I mean its essentially just walking around a park with animals in it, she can muscle through the zoo if you are hanging out with someone you like.

    If you want something to happen you have to direct or just stay friends. By direct I mean say I'm taking you on a date next weekend when are you free?

    sitting around having coffee at school and going to a school event is not a date, its something to pass the time with someone else she at the very least enjoys your company.

    • I'm pretty sure knows I like her though? I've told her eyes are pretty and that she has really nice hair. Plus asking her to the zoo on Friday would be obvious right?

      By next weekend you mean this weekend right? I see her again tomorrow plus I have her number.

      So I don't tell her where we are going? I just say "date"?

    • First of all don't tell girls they look good, they already know that, save that for when you are in a relationship, or a simple you look really nice when you pick them up to take them out is plenty. You just look like a lost puppy at that point.

      You show interest through touching, eye contact, body language, or by being blunt as hell. Whatever gets the job done.

      And yeah you don't have to have a plan, at least I never do. I just tell them I'm going to take them out. You can show up and not have a clue where you are going it doesn't really matter honestly. The point of a date is to talk and get to know someone, you don't have to go to some crazy ass theatrical planned evening. While that is cool sometimes again I save that stuff for relationships. You certainly want to have an impression, but the goal in dating is to see if you're compatible together. I don't think I'd even take a girl to the zoo until I knew things were going somewhere, pretty much dinner or drinks gets th

    • She lives at home with her parents though so how does that work? I was planning on both of us just meeting at a place since she obviously isn't at school during the weekend. by the way I don't have a car (she does) so I was going to take an UBER.

      We are both minors and she doesn't drink.
      What about bowling? She is really shy and I'm not much of a conversationalist either so I don't dinner is the best idea. I kind of need breaks like in bowling.