Guys, Will he ask for another date? Or have I been friend-zoned?

This guy and I are from the same orchestra and we recently went on a date. We go to different colleges, he met me halfway. We ended up getting coffee and talking. It was a decent date I would say. It was short ( 50minutes) because he had to go to a meeting at his school. He talked most of the time which was fine because I'm very shy and it takes time for me to be comfortable around people. We had a lot of eye contact, though I would look down and away at times. A few times the conversation lulled and we would fill the silences with sipping our drinks. He would look at his phone to check the time. I asked him if he would like to leave since he needs to go to his meeting he said not for another ten minutes. Afterwards, we walked to the subway and he asked me if he was going to see me Friday (which is our next orchestra performance) I said yes. But we didn't hug, didn't attempt anything of the kissing variety- this might have been because we were in a very public busy place. But this also might mean that he only wants me as a friend?

Im not really sure whether he thought it was a good date or not. I thought it was ok albeit rather short and in a very public nonromantic place. I thought he was cute and would be willing to go on another date if he were to ask. But I'm just so unsure if he will even ask.

GUYS HOW DO I KNOW IF HE WANTS A SECOND DATE? And how do I act when I see him? Do I flirt with him or touch him more or do I back off since I don't know if he wants a second date?


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  • First dates are always bad, just ask him.

    • What do I say? Even though I've had a boyfriend in the past we didn't really date so , even though I'm a grown woman, i don't know how this works.

    • OK just say this, ok I know that did not go well, so how about a redo? Me and you this Saturday night we go and hang out.

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  • Not really a traditional first date. I would call that more like a pre-date meet-up. Doesn't mean you are friendzoned. Just tell him you would love to met again, perhaps for dinner! Good luck!

    • But, should I expect him to ask me out again?

    • I can't read his mind. Either he does or he doesn't. If a week or so goes by and he doesn't ask you, why don't you ask him?

  • You ask if he would like to go out for a second date.

    • I'm banking on his decision to go on a second date. I'm not good at talking.

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    • I gave the best answer to all your questions lol. The best way to find out everything is to go up and ask the guy, he's not some fire breathing dragon he's a human being like you. What people who are afraid of rejection don't realise is that their insecurity itself is the biggest turnoff.

    • I had the worst ex boyfriend who tried to tear me down after I broke up with him. This is the first guy that I actually like years after that relationship so it's really hard for me to do these things. I've learned that people can be pretty hurtful so that's why I'm hesitant