How to know when a guy means it when he says "I love you"?

So there's a guy I've been talking to for a few months and we were talking on the phone for hours and finally he just said he loves me. He said it multiple times. I didn't pressure him into saying it or anything. The only thing is we've only been talking for about 2-3 months and I don't think that's enough time to fall in love with someone. I don't know it just kinda seems weird.


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  • That enough time if a guy strongly attracted to you and just knows you are the one :)
    He acts like he loves you, he treats you well, respects you, you know he's not bullshitting you..
    Listen to your guts. When a guy really loves you you will just know.

    • He's really a nice guy, but I'm just worried. We have a very weird relationship. We talk all day everyday, he's attracted to me, I'm attracted to him, and we're both single, but he only calls me his best friend. In the past he's made sexual advances, so I'm worried this might be a last attempt at getting into my pants. However, he's also been super different lately. He started walking me to classes, and skipping lunch to see me, and calling more, and talking about sex less. I don't know what's going on.