Am I insecure or she is devious?

- I am the priority guy for a girl in my class, but i ignore her because i heard rumours about her that she flirts with everyone.

- She then started to start flirting with other guys and start lining up my replacement.

- Is this my mistake? , am I insecure?, or she is a unloyal person who will line up replacement if things go sideways with me?

  • If she really liked you, she won't flirt with other guy but would have had eyes only for you. She will be unloyal in future and line up your replacement behind your back.
  • Its your insecurities, you did not make a move so she moved on.
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  • You deserved what you got. You played a game by ignoring her and she basically let you know that she wasn't into that and moved on.

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