Her and I landed ourselves in a confusing situation. Need advice where to go from here?

To make a long story short. I was seeing a girl and then something happened between a friend and I that has really confused both me and this friend. She is also seeing a guy which is long distance but not serious.

we have both really hit it off and it almost feels to good to be true but she said she feels the same. We both have so much fun when together and we click intimately as well.

Anyways, this guy she was seeing already had his plane ticket to see her and he is now here. He has been here for 7 days now and leaves in 3 days. She didn't want him to come any longer but we decided to play it out and go from there.

i decided to give her space so she's not always talking with me while this guy is around. I wanted her to see him and make up her mind from there. Anyways, these last 7 days we haven't really talked at all. I was hoping she would have kept me in the loop somehow and keep me feeling important but it hasn't happened. Where do I go from here? Should I text her? Where should my thoughts be in my head? I feel like pulling away for not keeping me in the loop.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated cause my brain is just confused on this whole situation cause I don't want to come off needy or seeking attention yet I feel a bit betrayed. My plan so far is to keep playing this out and see how things have changed after he leaves.

thanks for any advice!


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  • This doesn't seem that confusing to me. She likes you and it feels to her almost to good to be true... but not enough to say... break off a long distance relationship with another guy. Anything seem a little off about that to you... maybe... no? You seem a little emotionally caught up in this situation, but really you need to take a step back.

    If you can muster the determination, don't contact her. Then if she doesn't call you, you know what she is really wanting. If she does reach out to you then tell her that she needs to make up her mind... it's one or the other but not both. She'll have all kinds of reasons why it's complicated or "that's what she intends to do" she's just waiting for the right time or something in particular to happen. But it'll all be BS so don't listen to it, stick to your guns and make her move... talking is not movement.


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  • How long were you 'seeing' the girl for?
    If it was for a month or two and she still feels the need to have other guys buying plane tickets to come see her.. you can give her an ultimatum that either she's with you or she's not, or just leave her be. It seems like, despite whatever she may tell you, her actions indicate that she's just not interested.

  • If the other guy isn't gone yet, wait at least until then, then maybe another day for good measure. If she doesn't contact you afterwards, you might want to clear things up, one way or another.

  • I'd just play it out and wait for her to conatct me after she leaves. I'd base my feelings on how long it takes her to contact me once he leaves...
    I think you guys are playing it smart. Goodluck, hope it all works out!


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