can't tell if I'm being blown off or not by this girl?

I asked the girl out for coffee ( lame I know ). I was sure she was interested but now I'm not so sure. She said yes in person. I messaged her the next day and her reply was " It will be in a week or so, I'm crammed and the moment for a little bit, but I wil know when Im free".

There was no maybe or anything, the first part she gives a counter and says " It will be in a week" so she did give a time frame but her saying she will "let me know" isn't great. If it was totally negative would she say something else? it's confusing to me

once again I was near certain she was down. She didn't hesitate at all when I asked in person.

going to lay low for a bit,
is it hard to get? is it not interested? now what?

Her Facebook says she was doing something at home with her mother today. Saturday, today is when I asked if she was available. So we'll ee
We are FB friends. it shows up in my feed


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  • I can't tell if she wasn't interested in the moment or just in general. I wouldn't message her back. Go find another girl who can't wait to go out with you.

    • she said " it'll be in a week or so" that sounds she know when she has the time, she didn't say Maybe next week or maybe next weekend

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    • You're overthinking all of this and too focused on the "week or so part" lol. Just give her the week. No need to panic. If she doesn't message after the week, move on. If she does, then great. The only way to know for sure is a week from now.

    • That could she might not have made up her mind I felt that when I asked its like she was ok with coffee, but that was it. Like it was easy and safe,. I felt I couldn't ask her for a drink like alcohol. I mean you say in the future ok... so I just talk to her more in real life for a bit

  • Honestly, I don't think she's blowing you off. She's let you know that she's busy. If it was me I'd do the same. As you've only just met you're not a high priority yet but if she's interested she will see you when things aren't so busy for her. Don't push it. there's no harm in messaging her in a week to see if she's still up for meeting. Good luck!

    • She did say " It' ill be in a week or so". I don't expect to be high priority coffee idea she'll go for that. I sense I can't be too forward with her or like dinner and that. That won't fly. It's not there yet

      if it was rejection would she state it differently? I mean she wouldn't say in a week or so, if it was rejection? Im going to hold off for a bit

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    • Correction. I stated it wrong she said , "it will be sometime in the next week or so" but she's crammed in the next little bit or so

      Im holding off for now. Its possible she doesn't know what to think just yet

    • Im bumping the thread here don't mind me,

      Here is the quote she says:
      "It'll have to be some time in the next week or so, I'm super crammed with lots going on in the next little bit so I'll let ya kno when I'm free!"

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  • Let's put it this way, if you were a hot celebrity she would have found a way to meet right away, lol. Sounds like she put you on the back burner and is busy but if she has time and feels like doing something she may call so I would just go about your normal routine and let her call if she ever does

    • she didn't say "maybe" or anything she said " it will be in a week or so" that's what she said exactly. You really do think she is busy? When I asked It seemed like Coffee she would do. But nothing more than that, we don't know each other that well so it makes sense as it is not a major expense or time investment. The celebrity analogy isn't realistic, we don't know each other that well,

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    • she said " it'll be in a week or so" that sounds she know when she has the time, she didn't say Maybe next week or maybe next weekend

    • It's sounds more reassuring but you're not a priority and could end up just being a friend, you'll just be overthinking it until she actually comes through so try not to really get your hopes up yet

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