What should I do , please help?

Me and my boyfriend ussauly talk ever day and yesterday we had a pretty good convos but when it started getting late he would open my chat and not answer so i asked why and he said he wasn't mad he was just busy and he continuesly did it so i said sorry i feel like im bothering you , ill leave you alone and ever since then he's been opening them and not answering


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  • That doesn't sound good. He should have said, "of course you are not bothering me sweetheart, I'm just distracted"

    Not saying anything to that comment is a Jerk move. I know I do not like to do long texts, but I would never leave that comment without saying something.

    • Do you think he might be ignoring me or mad at me

    • Sounds like it, but I don't know why from your post.

      When will you see him again? When you do, talk this out.

      If you are the type of person that text a lot, you need to be with someone who loves that about you.

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  • He probably didn't feel like replying. If I were you, I'd ignore his messages the next few times he would attempt to reach me.