The "fade out" or "slow fade" too harsh?

Met a girl couple weeks ago. Had a great night. Spent it together at my place. I hope I didn't give her too much of the wrong impression. But she's about 3 years older and mentioned how by her age everything moves so quickly. She's texted me pics of her playing with babies and mentioned wanting kids, staying home with them, etc.


I'm not opposed to a relationship, but I'm definitely not looking to get on any sort of fast track in any way. We haven't even hung out since our first night since we've both been traveling for business. I stopped texting her but she's prying now and I'm tempted to just not respond. Too mean? I do not want to lead her on or waste her time.


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  • Please don't just ignore her. Tell her why she pushed you away. Tell her what you want and be honest and clear. Yes, ignoring someone is probably the worst thing a guy can do. First; it makes a guy seem like a whimp. Second; it will keep her wondering about where she went wrong, that she's not good enough, that's there something wrong with her and she will be hurt and carry this on to other relationships and have this fear of a guy disappearing all of a sudden.

    You want what you want and there's no right or wrong in what type of relationship you want. You just have to be clear and honest, it takes some balls. Just be nice, yet honest and clear.

    I am still learning myself how to do this, but for me it's after a first date. When I don't like a guy after the first date and he really does, it's hard for me to tell them how I feel but instead I've kept guys hanging on just because I feel really bad telling them I just don't see it happening. Which I know is so wrong, so I made a promise to myself to always be clear and honest, but in a nice way.

    • Even though I agree that she has pushed it way too far. I'm the type that takes relationships very, very slow. Why rush? That's her style and what she wants in life though and it's not yours and that's okay! Just let her know so she moves on

    • Your second point is the one I was worried about. She seems pretty insecure.

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  • Women in their 30's know they don't have a lot of time left to get children. Their post wall and experiencing the effect of women when their beauty is slipping away and how difficult it becomes to get decent guys to want to commit to them as their is a stigma for a woman still being unmarried in her 30's.

    So a lot of older women try to entrap men. Say they are on birth controls, or punch holes in condoms and shit to get knock up to entrap guys. Others start off good but then when you get more involved with them start rushing the relationship down to marriage and kids.

    Stay safe.


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  • Don't pull a fade. Tell her the truth and she will respect you more.

  • Crazy bitch!


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  • Nah, it's not too mean. Just keep not replying, she'll eventually get the hint.

    All the women that are saying not to fade, or that downvote me, think about this the next time YOU pull that shit on a guy.

    Goose, meet gander.

  • Please respond to her. At least tell her what you want and don't want instead of ignoring her. I hate people who ignore others. It's childish behavior and it doesn't get you anywhere.