What is the weirdest OR the worst date you have ever been on?

It's time to start a date from hell or weirdest date ever thread! What is the worst or weirdest date you've ever been on. Did they suddenly make a confession to you that was really weird or awkward? I mean it's cool to be weird of kooky but sometimes people will say something you totally didn't see coming! I'm usually on the other side saying the weird stuff :)


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  • I was 16, only a few months before my 17th birthday. I was out on my very first date with a girl I was seeing named Sarina. We were at a movie theater approximately 3 or so miles from my house doing your typical dinner & a movie thing. Here's everything that went wrong:

    1. Turned out she had seen the movie twice before while I haven't, and she's one of those obnoxious moviegoers who will loudly quote along with the movie p*ssing everyone else off. I was embarrassed to be sitting next to her in the theater cause everyone else around us practically wanted her dead.

    2. We were only 16 and neither of us had a car at the time, so we were depending on my friend Pete who had a car to pick us up and give us a ride home. We ended up having to walk all the way home in the summer heat back to my place and I ended up passing out in the heat on the way home. My girlfriend had to help carry me part of the way back before I was able to walk under my own power again.

    Overall just a miserable, crummy dating experience that is only somewhat made up for by the memory of how good she looked in those shorts and that tight top.

  • i went on a date with a girl to our formal dance last year, found out she wanted me to ask her an hour before the dance after my baseball game, asked her to go over the phone, went and tried to slow dance but was kind of sore from my game and nervous, and she told me she loved me after the slow dance... we tried dating but it only went for a week until summer when she wouldn't even talk to me. love to not talking is weird I guess lol


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