He never texts first, but always makes plans to meet when I text. Why?

It's soo confusing. I've had 3 dates with this boy, and on the third we made out in the car before he dropped me home.
I didn't hear from him again for a while so I texted him, and he immediately responded to my casual 'hey how's it going' initiating plans to meet "soon". A week later I texted again and we made a more concrete plan for the next day and he cancelled because something came up and asked if we could reschedule to 'mid-week' as usual... I haven't heard from him and don't want to be the one to text first again. What do I do? :( I really want to see him again


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  • Sorry but it seems like he's not into you

  • You should comfront him about it. In my opinion, he's feeling the same thing you are. He does not want to text first even though he wants to see you again really badly. Girl.. u better text him cuz he's not gonna have the balls to

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