I don't know what's wrong with me, am I wrong for giving up on love?

Don't get me wrong I'm a very loyal guy, I try by best to keep a woman happy. I'll run to the edge of the earth for someone I care about. But I'm not a push over I'm very assertive take charge kinda guy) My thing is it never works out. My only relationship was in 9th grade I was cheated on. It lasted a mouth😂. I left love alone for seven years. Not because I was broken but because I always feared never being good enough for a woman. Once I tried dating agin I was friend-zoned, the second time I was used for temporary company and sex. There other girls that I've tried dating but I could tell there weren't interested. The two who would text and call me all the time I assumed were interested but they just want someone to fill a certain void in there lives. As of rn I'm to afraid of even trying agin my worst fear of not being good enough has come true and it's cause me more problems than I anyone would think. For instance i now have performance anxiety due to my fear becoming a reality. I even contemplate ending it all ok so depressed. Achieving my financial goals doesn't help, trying new things or going new places doesn't help. I really feel like my life is pointless. I've pushed everyone that close to me away. Am I wrong for feeling this way?
I don't know what's wrong with me, am I wrong for giving up on love?
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