Could it be possible to enter a relationship with someone days after you meet if you've been talking online before meeting?

I've never been in this position before. I've seen this guy in person before, he has seen me, but it was in passing and we never spoke. We met online; we've been talking online for 4 1/2 months now. The conversations have been really pleasant and our interests are very much the same. Hours will pass while we are chatting and I won't even realize that it's already 4am or something, just because I feel really at ease when chatting with him. We haven't spoken on the phone or anything.
We are meeting this weekend. I'm really ready to meet the guy, quite anxious and nervous and I have chills and butterflies already because I truly believe we are a good match. Would it be weird, if we do happen to kick it off well, to be exclusive right away? Like within days? I'm not trying to hurry... I'm just wondering if it has happened. I'm mostly just really excited and hopeful.

  • Yes it's possible
  • Possible but unlikely or too quick
  • Strongly not likely
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  • It's a good thing to be excited and hopeful and clearly you are attracted to him, but you don't want to rush things. In the early stages of dating, people tend to only show the best side of themselves in order to make themselves sound as great as possible. This is especially true when online. So give it some time to see if you still like the person he really is.


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