How should I ask this girl out on a third date? Should I just be blunt if she is really ambiguous?

I met this really shy girl in college in my biology class and she has been pretty confusing so far. I kind of have a feeling she has never had a boyfriend before because I asked her if she went to prom in high school and she said she didn't go. So I asked her out 2 weeks ago to the arcade and she was like "um I don't know." Then the next time we see each other she ASKS ME out to coffee and during our coffee date I ask her if she gave the arcade any more thought. She said she doesn't like to play games. The following week in class I ask her if she wants to go ice skating and she said she doesn't like to. This is normally a nice way of rejecting someone right but I didn't give up and asked her to lunch the next day and she said yes. Are these two dates actually considered dates? Did I get friendzoned?
Should I just be blunt and just say "I wanna take you on a date, when are you free?" Too blunt or should I say something else? Should I say "do you wanna go on a date with me?"
I have a strong feeling she will say "where?" Then I will suggest something and she will again say she doesn't want to. What do I say then if she asks where. I have her number so can I say something like I'll think about it or let her decide?

Update: So I bluntly asked her out "Do you want to go on a date".
I had to repeat it twice. She was like "um..." for a couple seconds then said "sure". I was like ok I'll text you later.
So what now? Did I get rejected? Should I wait her to to text me even though I said I'll text her later?
I was thinking of not texting her for a date this weekend since it is Friday already and wait till next weekend for the date so I won't seem needy?


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  • If she is just shy, you should bluntly ask her out, and if she asks "where" tell her it's her choice. See what she might want to do, if she honestly doesn't like skating or video games.

    If she friend zoned you, then she will hesitate to say yes to another date, if you explicitly say it's a date.

    Good luck!

    • She was really shy at first but she has really opened up to me now though that I wouldn't consider her shy as of now. I mean we had coffee for an hour and lunch for two hours so we know each other decently well.
      Should I really say it's her choice if she isn't the best decision maker or should I say something like "maybe the museum, I don't know where do you want to go"

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    • Well, I guess if y'all go to the movies don't put your arm around her? I don't know, man. I think you are pondering this too much, this is still hypothetical. Go with the flow of things, and who's to say that it's too early? Three dates can vary from couple to couple, so just gauge that situation on how you think she will feel about it.
      I have hope for you 😊

    • Hey can you read my update

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  • Hmm... well if i was you i would say "would you like to go on a date with me?" and dont let her decide the place tho... Choose for here but make sure its a place she is sure to like, it will show you put thought into it. Don't give yet pal


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  • Hey,
    I think she does want to see you, but maybe doesn't like to go play games or ice skating. She also might not be sure right away whether she likes you a lot or not. As you said, maybe she does not have much experience in dating, so there is a big chance she is also a bit shy, confused and so on. So yes, you can ask her out directly and maybe ask her also what SHE would like to do, where would she prefer to go, etc., tell her that you would like to know what she enjoys. Or suggest two alternatives (like going to the cinema or going for a walk , etc.) and let her pick. The most important thing : just be direct and brave about asking her out :) You have nothing to lose. The worst thing that can happen is that she will say "no". Then at least you know where you stand. But the big chance is, she will say "yes", and you get to spend more time together, and then you will know her a bit better, and planning future dates will be easier :) Good luck

    • can you read my update?

    • You should text her, like you promised. She will expect it now. And don't wait a week to do it. You can do it today, to plan something for Saturday or Sunday. Don't worry about being "needy", if she likes you , she will be happy to see you, if she doesn't like you , then there is no difference whether you wait till next week or not, because she still will not like you. I just mean: only after you go out with her once or twice you will both be able to tell more how this is going. don't stress too much about every detail. Do what you feel like doing. Only then she can see who you are, and you gonna have more fun on a date.

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  • be blunt about it.