Why do I feel like?

Im always in danger? Like someone is going to attack me... or hurt me? I always feel like that... i feel violated when someone touches me and disgusted... why? I m 24 still a virgin... I tried to have sex but i couldnt and cried...


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  • residual fear from emotional abuse.

    Three of the books that were most impactful to my life:
    When Rabbit Howls - true story about girl, Trudy Chase, who was abused by her father... tortured in reality and had many different personlities. Don't read it, it is heart wrenching! It shows how vulnerable we all are as children Anyway, the thing that really helped her she said when she was older was her counselor told her..."You are normal... from your frame of reference". Think about that. You are normal for what you went through. That doesn't mean that is how you should be or how you are going to be. You are trying to understand yourself by asking these questions and that says at some point you'll see yourself and get out of it... I hope.

    Mind as Healer, Mind As Slayer - great book on how the mind works. In short... you lived in fear and you are still holding onto it, it is stored in your Hypothalamus gland. That needs to be drained off (there are ways to do that), you need to get a new perspective.

    The Bible... New Testament... honestly that is the solution. I know your experience with "Christians" is bad via your family, but read what Jesus and his followers said about love faith and hope, it is worth listening to.

    I'm sure some would tell you to just get over it... that isn't easy because you were conditioned by your family and environment (like us all, just in your own personal way). You will get past this, but it will take time. Choose love and life and to change. We all have to do that.

  • Has something bad happened to you in the past? to make you feel like this


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