Why has anybody ever liked me?

I'm 20 years old (but people say I look younger). I have never had a date or a kiss, and nobody has tried it.

Physically, I think I'm average. 5'7 feet, slim, pale skin, long dark hair, green eyes... My worst feature is my chin, which is really small.

As regards my personality, I'm kind with everyone, loyal, good sense of humor and always cheerful. On the other hand, I'm sometimes impulsive and a little shy but i'm trying to improve these features.
Moreover, I'm studying to be a nurse and I'm self-confident (although this question shows the opposite lol)

Why do you think no one ever has shown interest on me? Any advice?


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  • Stop being the person you are today and make the necessary changes for the better you tomorrow. When I hear/read about someone saying they are kind and loyal, i think "doormat". I'm not saying be mean and overly selfish, but right now you should probably be thinking more about how to improve and love yourself. I am never attracted to a person who suffers a constant pity party about why their dating life sucks. Most people feel the same. What is sexy is a person who chases something that makes them happy and doesn't stress about why they've never been in a relationship. Do that and someone will take notice.

    • Thank you so much! I'm going to follow your advice :)

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  • i think you are pretty hot. try to approach guys more.

    • Thank you!! I'll try it :)

  • All my life i've been searching for someone like you

    • Aww thank you so much :)

  • Yeah without pics this is just going to come off a troll post.

    • Sorry i'm not posting pics of myself, I would die if someone recognized me in this question haha

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