How to make her less important in my life?

So from a previous question i asked, the replies where all the same saying i should make myself less available for her, make her earn my trust, attention and make her less important in my life... I tried hard for this girl and she just continues to back away and only messaging me when is convenient for her. At one point she did say we was seeing each other but i don't know where we stand anymore and she doesn't want me to bring things like this up. I do agree i have made it easy for her but i just fell fast and hard ands tuck around waiting for her. Anyway i do really have feelings for her and she is a very large part of my life and I'm finding it difficult to pull away, my concentration and focus always wavers and i break, checking my phone to see if she has messaged... i feel bad when she hasn't messaged and bad when she has as i reply instantly with more effort. Basically does anyone have any ideas on what to do? I'm at uni and sitting in lectures doesn't take my focus from her but in practical classes i don't think about it... the issue is its hard to break my cycle and go out as its been a rough time and I've turned into myself becoming anxious, weak and not the same guy i was. I know i sound like a b! tch and a baby... thats why I'm asking for help because this person isn't me and never has... never felt like this before! so thank you for any advice.
How to make her less important in my life?
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