Does this girl like me or not?

So I have been friends with this girl from work for a year or so. We have slept together before but only after nights out whee we was both drunk. She flirts with me when in person, giving me compliments and generally seems really interested in me. Even our friends say there is sexual tension between us. But when I asked her on a date (over text) she made up an excuse to why she couldn’t go on a date with me. Does this girl like me or not? What should I do next?


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  • This to me is 50/50...
    The problem is the times that you have had physical contact with her is when you're both drunk, which is never a good indicator of anything.
    You asked her out on a date and she gave u a lame excuse of why she couldn't. So that doesn't sound promising.
    You mention that you both flirt with eachother at work. Do you go for lunch together sometimes? Do you ever talk over the phone? Does she ever come to you with her problems? How is it that you have hung out before?

    • I know she just really confusing because she flirts with me loads and we get on really well, I wasn't expecting the lame excuse of why she could go on a date with me.
      Well we have the same friends group in work so if we have lunch we go as a group but she always sits next to me and stuff.
      No we never talk on the phone but we do text a bit.
      She has told me some of her problems but she doesn't open up very often.
      What do you think I should do about this situation?

    • Oh and she admitted she had a crush on me when she was drunk as well

    • Maybe she just enjoys to flirt and doesn't take it seriously. Is she single? Are you friends with her on social media? I would ask her out for a coffee during work and go for a chat. Try and guage her interest that way... It's tough, but try to use logic. If she's really interested she will send you signs and not stand you up

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