Should I wait and text him or wait till he texts me?

I hate that I'm even asking this. so we worked in the same town all summer and just found out we both go to the same college, he hit me up and came and picked me up to go get pizza. it wasn't a date but he showed me some cool places after we ate and then we drove around and he dropped me off. I texted him later that night and thanked him again for showing me around and stuff and he said it was fun. now do I wait a little while and text him or do I play cold and wait for him to text me?


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  • Text him. Don't follow all the bs advice about mind games. F that.

    Be you and recognise life is short.


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  • If you want to talk to him, text him. If you don't, don't. There's no point in acting like you don't want to if you do, all that's going to do is make him think you aren't interested.

  • wait