Girls, if a guy told you he liked you and you liked him, when he talks to other girls do you get jealous?

There's a backstory to all this; and it all started when I told her who I liked. I began ignoring her, telling her sorry if I seem distant. She replied she knows how I feel, so I felt a little better. Problem is, when I stopped ignoring her, she began ignoring me and giving me these "shy stares." And then she stopped teasing me, only playfully poking me and hugging me.

But somehow, I got over the girl I liked, and liked her. My friend told her, and they told me she sounded excited and giddy. But I just told her I "wasn't sure." She went back to ignoring me the next day. But we eventually talked it out, and we agreed we both liked each other and we should see what happens. But the thing is, it's ridiculously hard to approach her and some days she acts like I'm a ghost and she doesn't give that much encouragement. Yesterday was one of those days and I got so fed up with her ignoring me that I began to ignore her back.. problem is, she always makes it a point to stand near me.

Today I did the same thing.. I wanted her to feel how I felt... but just by ignoring her. But it got completely messed up because these two other girls came out of no where and began playing with my hair and talking to me and she just sat there and stared. Then when the bell rang she completely avoided my eye contact and ran out of the room in 1 second without saying bye to her friends. And I think it was because of me..

Point is, even if a girl knows a guy likes her, will she still get jealous and not show even though she knows he likes her?

  • Yes, I would get jealous and possibly shed a tear
  • No, I wouldn't get jealous, nor would I shed a tear
  • Yes, I would get jealous, and only jealous.
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  • Talking is talking. It's normal


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