I told him I liked him..now what?

i finally got the courage to tell my guy friend how I felt about him after a year and a half of liking him, and now I have no idea what to do or what to think.

he wasn't awkward or uncomfortable about it at all, in fact, he was calm and collected. if anything, he seemed a bit flattered. he told me that the only reason why he thinks that he wouldn't date me ("although he finds me attractive and thinks I have a great personality" as directly quoted from his mouth) is because he thinks we are on "different sexual wavelengths'" and I have to admit I kind of do agree with him, but I still like him. I'm not waiting until marriage or anything (although I didn't say this to him), but I prefer to wait until I meet a guy who I'd want to be intimate with--somebody I'd care about. apparently, I think he is (and maybe all guys are) just the opposite.

so I'm torn because I still like him and now more than ever I feel like I have a chance with him, but I'm not entirely sure if he's worth it if that's his only reason for not dating me.

i don't think that I can just continue being his friend, but I'm not sure if I should just move on, pursue him a bit more, or just do nothing and see what happens.please, any advice?



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  • if he is not a waiting person then are you really willing to go in a relationship like that, you have to think about yourself first. cause at the end of the day that's who matters.

    i'm sure a guy would come along who is willing to wait on you, at least that dude is honest!


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  • I think it was good that he was honest with you and didn't try and take advantage of you. That means he really must care about you some way. It may take him a while to realize that your "unwillingness" is actually cool and respectable. A lot of girls now days just give into it. Let it be the way YOU want it to. its your body. maybe that will be something for both of you to think about. hope that helps

  • now we wait. men are like fish, you can hook them but it doesn't mean they make it easy for you. maybe telling him won't be enough.try making the next move, ask him out. guys love it when you take the pressure off them

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