Guys, Is he making an effort? Does he like me?


I've been having a feeling this guy in my lab likes me. We both tend to steal glances but we both never took the chance to talk to each other. It's been like 3 months lol.

Except today he came up right behind me and just stood there looking at me. I turned back to see who it was and it was him. He looked right at me and smiled but didn't say anything.

Then while I was getting some solution he also came right behind me (note that he could have waited until I was done but decided to grab for the same pipet I was just using). Our hands touched!

He finished the lab before me but stayed around "looking at his lab notebook". His assigned table is farther away from mine. But he chose my table to work on his notebook. I noticed that the minute I finished he was also "done".

So all in all... is he possibly trying to get me talk to him? Is he sending me signs that he likes me?

Or am I just over analyzing all this? Opinions?
Guys, Is he making an effort? Does he like me?
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