What if a girl says "um..." "sure" after you bluntly asked her "do you want to go on a date"?

I met this girl in my class at college and we had two "dates" already. The first one was coffee for an hour and the second was lunch for 2 hours.
So this morning I asked her bluntly "do you want to go on a date." I said it twice but I know she heard me the first time or maybe she was just surprised. She said when and I said "this weekend or whenever you are free." She said "um..." with a 5 second pause after that then she said "sure". She didn't look happy or exited though. Was she just thinking if she was free this weekend?
I then said ok I'll text you later.
So what now. Was it rejection and am I frienzoned? Should I text her tonight and ask if she is free this weekend? Should I wait till she texts me first? Where should we go? I was thinking of not texting her for a date this weekend since it is Friday already and wait till next weekend for the date so I won't seem needy?

So was it really rejection? Should I text her or just leave it?
I texted her if she was free on Saturday night and she said she is meeting her boyfriend.
I know she is clearly lying. She could have said she had a boyfriend when I bluntly asked her out on a date instead of saying sure.
Anyways, I won't ask her out again and leave her alone. I sit next to her in class though so should I still talk to her and walk her to her next class like I've been doing for the past month? She seems to like talking to me so I don't know if it was because I rushed it.


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  • If you've already had two dates it's a little odd to ask her on a date. That in itself could have thrown her off, giving you the response you got.
    That said, if at your last interaction you said you'd text her later, you better text her later.

    • Yeah but would you consider coffee and lunch a real date? They were both at school.
      What exactly should I text her? Do I say "are you free tomorrow night" or "do you want to hang out tomorrow night?"

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    • But should I walk her to her next class like I've been doing for the past month? If she actually has a boyfriend then I don't think that would be right? Should I still talk to her as much as I use too? If she talks back to me then I'm assuming she likes talking to me right?

    • Keep doing everything you have been. Unless she tells you otherwise.

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  • I'd text her ASAP for a date like on Saturday night! Not texting her would mean you made up those original plans and weren't going to execute them which looks bad! She isn't freindzoning you if she said sure; if she said no then she would not like you so she obviously does!

    • After seeing your update I can say that I was in a similar situation with a girl!! Extremely awkward I agree when it gets to that point but what I reccoment is talk to her like normal in class and all but don't walk her to her classes anymore unless you have to go that way for yourself! It really sucks how girls can't just tell you they have a boyfriend and lead you on to the point that you ask them out unknowingly that they are in a relationship! It shows us guys have it the hard way

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    • I know I'm in denial but I just can't let her go. Plus I don't mind if we become good friends so I'm cool with wasting time. At least I made the first move and tried right?
      How can I be friends with her without me appearing desperate? Can I ask her to coffee (or study for final) again in a couple weeks just as friends? Do I still walk her to her next class or just until we leave the building or flat out leave the class alone?

    • That's all up to you! It's your moves to make and I was the same way where I couldn't stop think of my girl. I made a mixtape even and gave it to her and that was probably my biggest regret lmao! It was called "thinking of you"! I'd still walk with her to class and I'd go for the final studying too but that would be all I'd do with her

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  • Sounds like she wasn't really interested.

    • So what should I do now? Do I text her today and ask if she is free tomorrow or just move on?

    • Just ask her to be straightforward but don't be surprised if she's not because you're putting her on the spot and many people don't like that

    • Read your update, sorry to hear that :/

      I told you she didn't sound interested :(

  • i think you should text her just in case, it might have not been a rejection

    • read my update :(

    • yeah i read it, sorry that happened

    • What should I do when I sit next to her in class? Ignore her and not talk to her? Do I still walk her to her next class if I've been doing it for the past month?

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  • Well since you already asked her on a date as early as this weekend, you have no choice but to call/message her now to try to confirm more specific plans lol. If not, she'll just think you're flaky or weird for asking about the weekend and then not coming up with anything. xD

    This way, you'll find out sooner rather than later about whether she still likes you or not. If she rejects your invitation without suggesting a later date, then you know she's not interested. If she accepts your date, you can still get a feel for the situation on this date once and for all. You can usually feel the vibes when you're in person with a girl whether she might be into you or not.

    • Just saw your update. The "going to see my boyfriend" rejection is the worst lol. That sucks; I'm sorry dude. =/

      As for leaving her alone or talking to her, that depends. Are you the type who can get over a girl even if you continue looking at and talking to her, when you know she doesn't want you back? If so, then sure, keep talking and sitting with her to keep things non-awkward.

      If that will be too painful for you, then I suggest you change seats to the other side of the room lol. If she truly likes talking to you, she'll come after you or contact you to talk. If she's not interested, she won't.

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    • I'm sure you can appear upbeat haha, but I'm concerned here with your true feelings inside. If it's eating away at you on the inside, being that close to her will do you no good. However, I get that it might be weird to stay away from her completely in such small quarters. What I suggest is to just be polite to her and talk to her a polite amount, but that's it.

    • And no man, I'm sorry but I don't think she's interested. She just talked about her boyfriend. In her case, her boyfriend is imaginary, but still: talking about a "boyfriend" who is not you is still a big statement that you're not her guy. :(

      This has happened to me before, so I can relate.

  • ohh crap.. thats a rejection