What does it mean when a guy contacts you on lsd?

I know a guy who I like a lot. He moved to a faraway state about nine months ago. He was part of a tight nit group of friends with my ex boyfriend. I could always tell he had a crush on me and when he came back into town to visit we secretly hooked up multiple times. I could tell we both liked each other a lot but he is also very nervous about the situation because he lives far away and does not want to fall out of favor with my ex and his friends. In the time that he has been gone, we have not been communicating because what is the point? However, he has contacted me once while he was tripping on lsd at the concert of a dope band we both love and very briefly told me he had a beautiful experience and "anyways thought of you" We texted back a time or two that weekend but he was very brief and it wasn't much. My question is what does it mean to reach out to someone on lsd or even more so having a transcendental experience on lsd? In the times I have tripped I never had too much interest in communicating with people outside the circle of trippers I was with. Does this mean he feels deeply connected to me or am I just reading too much of what I want out of this?
What does it mean when a guy contacts you on lsd?
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