Why do girls act so coy when talking to their guy friends that like them?

I see this a lot.

Boy and Girl and talking,

The boy keeps dropping subtle hints, the girl just ignores them, or misreads them... but she knows the boy likes her but wants to keep him as a friend.

Why doesn't she just say she is not interested and just wants to be friends?

The guy gets confused to as if she really likes him or not...

Even if the guy literally asks her out, tells you he wants you... The Girl has a way of spinning it her way, like she thought you meant something else...

Why are girls so coy like this?

I am thinking now it's a tactic certain types of girl use... They use this tactic because they have an attention or abandonment issue... They know if they tell a guy that they only want to be friends or reject them properly... They will leave... and they don't want to lose a friend... They are super scared of that...

So it's a tactic to keep friends for girls with attention issues...


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  • Guys can be unpredictable when rejected. I do agree that friends should be able to trust enough to be hones though. My personal experence shows that a percentage of men can go from friendly flirting to violent stalking in the time it takes to say your not romantically interested and the hard part is the look normal and say they are a good guy. It can be easier to ignore interest and hope they get the message and move on sadly.

    I have a couple of friends that when through your example except the gender was opposite. It was hard to watch as a friend. As much as we tried to convince her to move on she obsessed more. Eventually he finally admitted to knowing her interest and asked her to stop. She lost it, blamed all of us and fell off the radar. I guess this proves anyone can take rejection poorly.

    • When it gets to the point of obsession, it's what happens...

      If the guy had just been clear for the beginning it wouldn't have happened.


      After thinking, It's a tactic to keep friends for people with attention or abandonment issues...

      I remember some of stronger girls I talked to straight up told me, Hey I just want to be friends...

      Where as weaker girls always played coy, kept me guessing the whole time.

    • I would say insecure rather than weaker, but I do agree with your evaluation.

    • Yes, insecure people.

      Yeah it was really on my mind and I figured it out now...

      I started thinking about all the girls I have talked to.

      People have no problems as friends as long as you keep your feelings honest,

      If a girl tells me she want's to be friends, great!

      If a girl doesn't, acts coy, plays games, strings me along... at the end of the day I am confused and don't want a thing to do with her.

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