True or False... Women are far less attracted to men , than men are to women. Is this perception or is this the truth?

Had an interesting debate with friends of mine ( mixed , both genders ) , the vast majority of men seem to accept being undesired , whereas most women seem to know they are desired to at least some degree. Honest opinions please...& this is a respectable establishment , please keep it civil !!

  • True , the average woman is not attracted to the average man
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  • False , there may be some attraction
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  • Other , please add your honest thoughts
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Thanks for the responses so far , seems to be more perception. Keep 'em coming !!


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  • voted other because the second option wasn't good enough. I think men are the most gorgeous creatures to ever walk the face of the earth.

    • Thank you , we are certainly NOT depicted that way by " society "...& we are viewed as vermin by the current feminist leadership !!

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    • Thank you for the MHO.

    • A pleasure...& thank YOU !! Sadly most women do NOT feel the same way as you , but this is due to constant anti-male " media " & feminist propaganda , on average , women are far less attracted to men , than men are to women.

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  • True. The dating site OKStupid did a study on this, and found that women rate 80% of men as 'below average'. That's the first actual study of the subject that comes to mind, but I'm sure there must be others.

    80%...'below average'... almost seems like the 80/20 Rule in action, doesn't it?


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  • "Oh poor me, nobody loves me, everybody hates me" is equally unattractive in BOTH sexes.

    That's all that needs to be said here.

  • I think that straight people are this: Men like Women a lot, Women like men a lot. It may seem like men like women more because they're so sex driven. This causes them to drool and check out a lot of girls.

    • " It may seem like men like women more because they're so sex driven "... especially lads your age !! Yes that is definitely true on average , testosterone is the key libido driver , teen boys / men produce far more than women , therefore cursing men with far higher sex drives.

    • EXACTLY! Glad that we agree?

    • My son is racing through adolescence @ 13 & is already pretty big , so the " Male Curse " will be hitting him full on , thankfully mine has faded. Still at the pre-homones / periods stage with my little lady... not looking forward to double barreled hormonal hell. It can be shit being a teen !!

  • I am not attracted to women what so ever.

    • It's more about each genders relative attraction to the opposite gender , rather than being attracted to the same gender. Many men perceive women as much less attracted to them in general , than men are to women.

  • False. Straight people will simply be attracted to the opposite sex.


What Guys Said 8

  • I would say true, but I would add this...
    The average woman is not sexually attracted to the average man -unless- she has formed an emotional connection with him.

    However, if a woman is going to feel sexual desire towards a man based on visuals alone (no emotional connection), then he needs to be really hot.

  • I voted that there may be some attraction. But my feeling is that men are more attracted to women just visually and sexually than vice versa. The girls may feel differently though.

  • I voted A because that's true, but it doesn't mean women aren't attracted to men, they're just only attracted to a minority of men.

  • The problem lies in women needing only to flaunt their physical features and not mess up in some other way. Guys need to learn how to be attractive and many (including me) are not good at it.

  • Society encourages women to date up while it demands men to do the exact opposite and villainizes them for not doing so.
    Still, that does not mean you have to "accept" any of it, or any other norms society is trying to push onto you.

  • Women are far less attracted to penises , than men are to pussies and breasts.

  • Personally I think its a difference in which men are typically attracted to girls physically whereas girls tend to be attracted to an idea of men. Compare how girls like certain behaviors such as assertiveness/dominance etc as opposed to men mostly going for looks in terms of attraction.

  • Other. I think your question assumes visually just by looking. Or maybe not, but that is what I assumed you meant. In that case, I would perhaps agree. But if you take everything into consideration—every thing and every reason that attracts one sex to another—I think it's equal; women desire men as much as men desire women. If you look at it in reverse and ask, "who is more lonely without the other?" That solidifies my answer for me. It doesn't matter who it is, the loneliness questions at GAG keep coming.

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