Would it look bad if I meet this woman for a date who is 6ft, when I am 5ft7?

I lied about my height on this dating site saying I am 5ft10 when really I am 5ft7. she's just over 6ft and probably thinks am not that much shorter than her but am not too sure if heights important to her or if its going to be a problem. I have no problem with it, am just anxious that she might have a problem and might make the date awkward. Its making me not want to meet up with her. She hasn't questioned it.

All am saying is would she reject me because of the height difference?

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Well should I just write to her over text and be honest about my height rather than meeting up and facing a possible rejection and awkwardness. At least over text I'd find out if she's bothered or not instead of going to meet her and waste my time.
I took the guys advise on being honest. I told her the truth about my height over text and she said the height difference is going to be a problem in the relationship.

So yeah it's the AWALT (All women are like that) as they say in the red pill philosophy or manasphere


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  • Tell her over text.

    • Why do you think its a big height gap? She wants to meet me because she ask me to get train to her town which half hour from where I live.

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    • ... just for get it lol

    • Consider it for got ten 😜

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  • No she'll reject you for lying.

    • Yeahhh BS every excuse. Women don't care about those tall jacked assholes who lie but still riding them like a porn star.

    • Lol. Whatever makes you feel better

  • Say you're mistaken and you thought you were 5'10

    • Do you think its a problem though?

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    • @Mrwoo99 Some tall women feel self conscious about their height and prefer the man to be taller so they feel more diminutive. I know a few tall girls who require the man be taller than they are in their highest heels. In my youth I was a bit taller than I am now, I'm 5' 9" now but there was a time when I was 5' 11" and I had no problem dating shorter guys.

    • @SvetlanaSavachenko well it's a female problem... not mine.

What Guys Said 2

  • It would look bad because you lied to her.

  • nothing wrong with it.. i wish i can find a tall girl

    • I never said they were mate but you should know women do have a problem with these things. I'm happy with her height its the women who have problem

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    • so go for it.. dont be afraid of rejection

    • Am not afraid... I just hate going through it. I already have wounds from past rejections as it is. Another rejection is just someone pressing on them, there is still the pain of it.

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