Please, please help me; does he actually want to go?

So I asked my guy friend to go to laser tag with me, he said yes. I like him so obviously I was excited. Then he texted me and said he couldn't go but asked if I wanted to do it tomorrow or next weekend.

The last time we got together was the first time for us one on one, although we've known each other for years. I invited him but he insisted he pay for everything, and he did... I'm in highschool and new to relationships, but I'm pretty sure it was a date. Then a week later we were going to do another thing together but he had to cancel.

The reason I think he suggested another date THIS time is because the last time I suggested we get together he wasn't able to and didn't suggest another time... So I'm thinking he just feels guilty for not being able to go two times in a row, and asked me out of guilt? Would a guy do that? I know he is super sweet so I'm just confused. Please help me.
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Please, please help me; does he actually want to go?
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