friends with benefits drama please help I'm confused?

I been seeing a guy friends with benefits i met we didn't want a relationship we are really attached to each other.

I can say we are really close..
- me and him make out great sex...
- hug kiss goodbye
- cuddle and talk
-we talk all day texting

i have a boyfriend.. now he's acting werid
-talking to me more
-wants me to keep him he don't mind being there
- he demands i dont ignore him
- i give my boyfriend a gift he wants one too..

I have a boyfriend now... he begging for me to keep him.. but he don't want a relationship what's going on I'm confused.. he wants to see me more now thst i have a boyfriend..


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  • He doesn't sound like a very good friends with benefits lol. Who demands attention and asks for gifts? Sounds very needy.

    I'm in a friends with benefits relationship too and we are happy for each other when we find someone new to date. I'm confused why you're still sleeping with him if you have a boyfriend though... you should've cut off your friends with benefits if you're going to actually call a man your boyfriend.


What Girls Said 1

  • He feels like his free pussy us going to go aeay, he is trying to stay relevant. Just b straight up with him and hope that he hears u out...

    • me and him have a close bond I'm really confused l

    • he was so upset when I told him

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