Please read I need advice, do you think I was a rebound or he actually likes me? Why do guys do this?

Around September this guy and i started talking. he would tell me he really liked me. We have a lot in common and he said that he liked how we could talk so comfortably. He told me i made him feel safe and secure and brand new. We flirted alot!. He told me he got out of a bad relationship with someone who did him wrong. Not sure how long ago it was. He said it broke him He has his guared up and scared to get hurt again. He always tells me he is lost and empty. I wish he let me be there for him even as a friend like he said he wanted to be for now. Before he asked to be friends for now we hung out twice and we made out and cuddled a lot. He made me seem that he really liked me. Then a few days later he txted me that he wasn't over his ex but that he doesn't want her back at all. That there was no chance. He said he didn't want to stop talking and that he likes me and he wants to be friends for now. And he doesn't want to get my hopes up or hurt me. He just has to get over his ex and the damage that was left on him. But we haven't been talking like we use to since he txted me that. And im not sure if he isn't talking to me as much or the way we use to cuz he actually didn't like me and i was just a rebound or he is doing this cuz he doesn't want to confuse me. I have trust issues cuz before him some guy was in the same boat as this new guy but he completely stopped talking to me like my feeling didn't matter. I dont want this guy to do this to me cuz it hurts being ignored when a few weeks ago he just wanted to talk and see him. He knows i care about him and i dont want him to take advantage of that. Sometimes i want to just text him and talk like we use to but i feel i may annoy him but he says i don't and he doesn't get easily annoyed. I feel i did something wrong. I miss talking to him but i dont want him to know that if he doesn't miss or think of me. Should i just go quiet and give him his space?
Please read I need advice, do you think I was a rebound or he actually likes me? Why do guys do this?
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