Loyalty during dating?

I meet a guy back in march online. We fell off but within the last month we started dating and seeing each other in person. It was going amazing and I wasn't seeing anyone else. We're not in a relationship but I've never been able to date multiple people. It's not my thing. Well I found out he was still on the dating app and had meet up with another girl during the same week that we had our first date. He told me all of this and said he wouldn't even be seeing her again. He deleted his account today. But he's doesn't really see why I was upset about it. I wanna know if he right and I shouldn't be upset or is this a red flag and I shouldn't trust him?


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  • Until you've had 2 or 3 dates, you can't really expect them to be with just you. After that though, I would consider it an exclusive relationship unless they specifically said otherwise.


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  • If he's not your boyfriend and you haven't both talked about dating exclusively then he is free to do what he likes. I don't think this is a red flag seeing as he has now deleted the app and said he wan't going to see her again. It sounds like to me that he is only seeing you now so I don't see any reason you should be upset.


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  • no offense but as long as your casual dating & haven't had a talk about being exclusive both of you can date whoever you want. you don't date multiple people but that's your preference, its not bc you promised loyalty to him

    • You're right , thanks

  • You two are not in a relationship.
    You're just dating. and he's on a date with another girl on the same week you had your FIRST date.
    He's being honest with you and he deleted his account.
    There's nothing wrong he's done and you should appreciate the fact that he's being honest and deleting his account.