That big thing called "Fear"?

I have always wondered why girls always wonder that guys are fearful to approach them. A lot of times my biggest thing is wondering what to say and making an approach. The fear of rejection is always a big thing for me, despite it being something I should be used to (since I always get rejected for the most part). It doesn't hurt less, it hurts just the same and maybe even more especially since I am getting older. Especially since I am not someone whose a big talker, and bad at conversing in general it is a very daunting task for me. So yeah there will always be that fear of rejection present, and knowing that there is something about you she doesn't like. Also it is hard to see what you're doing wrong since, the girls I have dated never told me why they rejected me.


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  • Because guys are easy to get but hard to keep. Since they are way easier then girls (rarely any single guy would say no to a decent looking girl), I fear that he would say yes just because it's convenient for him and he will automatically think about sex and he will think that now that I approached him means that he can do whatever he wants to me because I'm "crazy for him". And then he will meet some other "playing hard to get" chick and dump me so he can go after her, while I'm already in love.

    • Or he will say yes even though he doesn't like me because guys are in general bad at rejecting and he wouldn't want to hurt my feelings. Eventually he will friend-zone me, lead me on and go after some other girl. While I'm already in love.

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  • My best advice is always try and do something then don't do nothing at all it's hard talking to girls even though their is a lot of fear with it butthe girl I like is in another relationship I sort of got rejected there even though I know she likes me but I do not regret asking her because I needed to know and not doing nothing is worser then getting rejected in some ways

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