Is this girl interested or do I move on?

Went on a first date this week, went well.

I ended the night with a joke and text saying: See you sometime again x
She replies: Haha night x

Next afternoon I message her asking how her day was and what she is up to this weekend. No answer and didn't "read" my text but was online, so I leave it 24 hours and ask her whether she is free tomorrow night.

Her reply was prompt: sorry babe, have a friend's birthday x

Is that a cue for just leave me alone lol?

It's the first time she calls me babe though

Also she was very into me and flirty on the date, complimenting me and so on


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  • I'd leave her alone. Not that she may not be interested but, you asked how she's going, you then asked to catch up. You SHOWED her you're interested. She'd have to be thick as hell to have to wonder "does he like me".

    But ball is in her court. For me, if I was interested but truly busy I would say "sorry got a friends party, how about we meet...". So you tried, she denied that date, so it's on her to reset a time.

    If you feel strongly about hanging out again, you could ask again in a couple days, but if she has plans then too just say 'well I'd like to see you again, how about you decide on a day". And just leave it up to her.

    • Thanks. That's what I was thinking about your second paragraph, there was no hint or suggestion on her part of another meet, no'r any attempt to continue a conversation.

      Not sure if she is playing games though, I guess I'll wait for her to text if not move on.

    • Yeah, some people can be weird.

      But if I was to meet a guy (i've met people from online for example), face to face, even if I didn't like them I'd probably be nice that day because you just don't know what some people are like. But then I'd kind of just reject their offers until they left me alone. Again, because I have met some weird and scary people before and it makes saying "no piss off" seem hard!

      So if that's what her plan is, may as well leave it.
      If she's interested - you tried.

      I think you're on the right path :)

    • Thanks for MHG <3

      All the best

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  • Leave/ignore her first... If she likes you and just playing around or playing games with you, then she will be the one to initiate conversation with you once she feels that you are distant already.

    I hate to say this, but you know sometimes we girls are really enjoying if we know that there is a guy who is so much into us... On the other hand, we also feel irrated if we really don't like a guy and this guy is showing too much affection/attention to us... So better ignore her. It is a win-win thing ;)

  • when you texted her 'see you sometime again' she didn't give you a positive reply to that. she just said 'haha night'.
    that most likely meant there's no 'sometime again' happening.
    she had time to be online but didn't read your text. means either she didn't care or she just purposely not read and both mean she's not interested.
    I wouldn't put much thought into her calling you babe.
    sounds like she's not that interested.. I would just move on.
    It's her loss.


What Guys Said 3

  • I would try to rekindle some positive emotions and then ask her what her week is looking like. That way you know what day she is free before you try to arrange a date.

  • I would just leave her alone for now. She sure sounds interested, after all, she called you "babe." Ask her again in a few days, in person if you can.

    However, when you do approach her about it, don't act angry or upset. That will turn her off.

  • Don't read into it too much. She could have just been busy but if she consistently does this then move on.