I just need answers?

So I started to talking to this guy who is in the military. It's only been a week and he's already saying that he's falling for me and that he sees a future with me. He also said he loves me and that he's been out of a relationship for two years cause his ex fiancé slept with his closest friend two days before their wedding, and since then he said he shut himself off from being in another relationship. He said that all changed when he met me. Like I said it's only been a week of talking and yesterday I didn't hear from him all day until today. He said he's been really busy and stressed cause he's getting deployed soon and that he's back on the base, so I was wondering what am I going to expect from all of this? Is pre deployment a really busy time for a military person or is he just messing with me? And why is he rushing this? I really need to know. I don't want to get hurt or waste my time on this cause I'm starting to develop feelings for him


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  • No pre-deployment isn't busy. He's telling you what he thinks you want to hear so you'll fuck him

    • How can I do that when it's a long distance thing? Ever since we started talking he has never asked for nudes or wanted to talk dirty like sexting. He's always a gentleman and asks if I'm safe and how my day went just stuff like that

    • But after a week? Come on

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  • He probably isn't messing with you intentionally, but I say MAJOR RED FLAGS when he says stuff like that. Guys/Girls who pulls the feelings out within a week are usually people you need to stay away from, as they will end up abusive/manipulative/etc. I say GET AWAY, and FAST.

    • Yeah to me that's pretty fast to be saying stuff like that.

    • I think he did kinda get mad when I told him I was hanging out with my cousins. He said if I was still there and I told him yes and he said I'm going to sleep since you're having fun with your cousins

    • Yeah, getting upset that you're even with family! That's outrageous! Especially after a week!