Do good-looking, rich and confident guys only go for model-looking girls?

I have a huge crush on this kind of guy. His ex girlfriend is a freaking goddess, a very good-looking girl who is a model. I'm pretty much sure he can have any girl he wants. I'm not a model but I'm cute. Do I have ANY chance or should I forget about him?

P. S. He's not a douche, he's actually one in a million. He's very nice to me and I have a gut feeling he has hots for me.


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  • For the most part, they do because they have too many options so they will choose the best. I am that kind of guy and I don't go for model-looking girls or any kind of girls. I'm asexual and aromatic.

  • I don't think so. Not every type of guy goes for the same girl. We all have different tastes. You should go for it and find out.


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