Girl interested and trying to make me jealous?

I've got a cute'ish girl in one of my classes. I was being a bit obnoxious on day one and just talking a lot and she initiated her conversation with me by asking what I do and stuff. We talk a lot and she wanted me to be her lab partner and all.
she's asked me stuff like if Id date an older girl (and I asked how old and she said a few years older)
She asks if there are going to be any cute girls at the parties Im going to
Talks a lot to me we go for lunch after class on weekdays.

I've thought of her as a friend until now, but today she was talking about a guy she was going to a ball with, and getting all dressed up but at the same time she was like I dont wanna go back to his hotel blah blah, Ill just go and come home after.

Anyway she was supposed to be there by 5, and she's still at home a few hours later. Kinda confused.
She does mention a lot of guys she has seen and not interested in any of them
She asks questions about my dating life quite a bit.
Id prefer not to ruin our friendship.
Girl interested and trying to make me jealous?
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