At a hotel beside a hot girls birthday party in room beside me?

I'm off in another city and its Saturday night , didn't think much about the hotel when I checked in and seemed pretty quiet. went downtown for a bit and came back to a crazy party in the 2 rooms beside me , from what I hear its a girls birthday party and they likely plan to go to same country bar down the street I was planning on going to later.
being that I don't know them but were staying beside each other for the night , I'm not sure if I should try and get to know them or something? I'm currently just sitting in my room doing nothing getting ready for the bar later , I can hear them since there so loud

put this in dating but not sure what category to put it in


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  • You could knock on their door. When they open say, "Hey, y'all are being really loud. Mind if join you since I'm headed to the same bar?"

    • the door is open there talking to people , time to say something?

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    • never got to talk to them in detail , I didn't see them at the bar either , it was late like 2 am after i got back from bar and my memory is fuzzy but I heard someone knock on there door saying they had complaints and they were going to be kicked out soon. by morning there room was silent and it didn't appear anyone was there so I guess they got kicked out later that night

    • Dang. Well, it sounds like you still had fun though.

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  • Yeah, why not. Or you could say something like "see you at wherever (the bar). Could be fun.


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  • If your really balls you could get a cop uniform then knock on there door and pretend to be a stripper

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