What would you do next?

Imagine you have your first boyfriend/girlfriend in high school. The relationship approximately lasts 2 and a half years. You lose touch. 8 years later you cross paths again, start spending time with one another and eventually, begin to develop feelings again.

This June, I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years. This June he broke up with his girlfriend of 3 years. We both met around September again.

2 days ago I told him that I had feelings for him. He told me he had feelings for me too.. but, while he liked me he also said he still wasn't over his last relationship and he didn't want to jump from one relationship to another. He wants to be able to give his 100% and he knows he isn't there especially with him just buying a house and trying to get his life in order.

He says I make him happy and that he doesn't want the connection we made to end.

The furthest we have gone is a goodnight hug and we have both agreed we don't want to do anything if we aren't together.

I really like him. I just don't know what the best decision would be right now.

Should I take a step back and possibly meet up with him again if the future allows it? Should I continue to grow this friendship we have? Anything else you think I should do?

thank you so much in advance.

What would you do next?
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