So conflicted and confused, any help?

Out of town, girl started messaging me like crazy. We've known each other for a year, but recently things have gotten flirty. She started joking about getting an apartment together and living together and so on... I played along, but it was unlike her. I asked her if she wanted to go out together, and she seemed ecstatic over text. Again, unlike her, she said her schedule was 100% open, any day she was available. So I said what about this weekend and she said yeah sounds good. She messaged me telling me to have a safe flight and all that, and literally as soon as I get back in the state, she goes cold. I try messaging her about going out of the weekend again, and she says she can't because she's gonna be too tired from the night before. Then ask her what about the tomorrow. She took hours to respond and said she was going with friends for something else, then leaving early for work. I didn't respond because it was a very late message, and end of a conversation.

So, I text her a few days later, and see whats up, and how she was. Then asked her about going downtown again and asked a few other questions... never a reply, nor did she even read it. Yet, she's posting on snapchat and social media, and all that. She went from all over me to cold shoulder in a matter of flight patterns. Any help? I don't know what to do, I really like her and don't want to lose her, but if I message to much I don't want to come across as needy. Its an uphill battle. Any ideas?
So conflicted and confused, any help?
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