Farewell someone you like? Yes or no?

There's a girl I liked who will be moving to another part of the country for college soon. We briefly dated before, but it didn't work out, so we went no contact for several months.

Recently, our mutual friends hosted a farewell party for her, I didn't go because I don't want others to know I have feelings for her. She later asked me why I didn't go, I gave her some excuse. Do you think I should ask her out personally to farewell, or should I just leave it like that?


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  • You should have just been hoest with her, nothing wrong with that. You could have told her that you're sorry but you have feelings for her and that you felt like it was inappropriate to see her. She'd respect you so much more for that and if she did ever come back in your life there would be a greater chance at rekindling something

  • Just call and tell her or grab her and you dinner. I really like what @guy532 said. solid advice.