How to help an over-clingy boyfriend?

i love my boyfriend really really much. but the thing about him is that he's overly clingy. when we do not see each other for around a week, he'll become REALLY sad and emo. and im really busy with school and stuff so we can't meet up much. the thing is that it seems like his whole happiness is dependent on me. before we dated, he used to Skype his friends and game during his free time. but now he says it all seems meaningless to him. when he becomes sad, I'll become really sad as well and this kind of affect our moods altogether. what should i do to help my boyfriend learn to be happy even without me? i can't be with him 24/7 so he needs to be happy even when im not there. I've told him to try to do things that makes him happy but he says nothing works out. BREAKUP is not an option. I'll never do that. constructive opinions please <3
How to help an over-clingy boyfriend?
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