I feel like he doesn't know what he wants?

He says he wants to take things slow. We've never kissed, held hands, cuddled, no sex. Wants to be friends first. I mostly initiate contact. He does every once in a while. I invite him out after work. He gets off work and just goes straight home and ko. I'm left sad and disappointed. He says I'm always grumpy. Says things like I do like you and I see us going somewhere, or I'll be able to see you more often, or don't think that I don't want to kiss you or hold your hand every time we hang out, but I don't want to do that to you since you're not ready for a relationship. Says we should just enjoy our time together as friends and see where thugs go from there. Then after he stops texting me because he's busy. I broke up with my ex four months ago and he broke up with his two years ago. Both long term relationships. He says it's too soon for me to be in a relationship. I'm 22 and he's 25. I'm a hairstylist who works long hours and he's a pharm tech who works late hours. We've been talking for a month. I obviously really like him and he SAYS he likes me a lot, too. But he's like... so confusing. He says things that make me hopeful, then when I'm disappointed he tells me that we should just enjoy our time together and get to know each other. Then when I invite him to hang out, something would come up, or he'd just be too tired from work to even text me and just goes home and sleeps and I'm left waiting. And when I text him, he just takes ages to respond. If I don't text him for like 18 hours, he won't text me back until I cave and send another text, in which he responds to right away, we chat for a bit, then he leaves me hanging by not responding until the next morning. I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT HE WANTS. I DO LIVE MY OWN LIFE AND KEEP MYSELF BUSY, BUT HE STILL doesn't REALLY INITIATE. BUT WHEN I DO HE ENTHUSIASTICALLY RESPONDS. THEN doesn't REPLY FOR SEVERAL HOURS. IS HE EVEN INTERESTED? I'm just so confused... and really tired of it, quite frankly.
I feel like he doesn't know what he wants?
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