Why do guys love mind games so much SMH?

I've been going out and hooking up with this guy for like 6 or 7 months now. By the 3rd month, he told me he doesn't want commitment, but we agreed that we should remain sexually exclusive for health purposes. Despite my slight disappointment to this disclosure (I like him more than I should), I still continued to see him, but started to date other people as well.

Last night we were supposed to catch a movie and hookup after but I ditched him at the last minute because he was taking too long to reply. I went out with a guy who I've been seeing for quite a while instead.

I apologized and my friends with benefits was like, 'I'm a little pissed off at you right now but it's ok. Just tell me if you are also flirting with him because you know I also talk to other girls but you're the only one I go out with. If that's what makes you happy.. Yada yada'

Total BS. Seriously? Should I feel bad? lol I'm thinking of dropping him soon. All you guys out there should get your sht together. These games are getting old quick.


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  • I'm always honest about my feelings. And if I start acting contradictory in thought or action I'll also tell them that I don't understand my feelings myself so that they know if I'm doing something dumb it's not intentional.

    • In terms of your guy it's common for guys to like to screw around and hang around with you (as in do non sexual activities) without seeing other girls but still not want to be in a "committed relationship" as in having to check in with each other every day. Or have to take on any extra obligations.

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  • That's just one type of guy. He's getting the girlfriend experience from you, but completely on his terms and while fucking other girls. Why do you stay with him anyway?

    • The sex is good.

    • Okay, well it's your decision, just remember that you do have a choice and that there are other guys who can give you great sex.

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  • WOOOOORD! Preach chicka.

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