Would you date a woman who has had more than 2 sexual partners?

I wouldn't.

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  • Why?

    • it is my choice. And I can choose whoever I want.
      Now the answer to your question. A woman who has had more than 2 partners is not mature and classy to ME

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  • huh sure.. i mean who am i to judge someone on having sex with more then two people when iv had sex with well more than a few myself.. kinda a dick move if you ask me

    • Who are you to prefer a woman with her count? lol

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  • I wouldn't define a woman based on how many partners she's had. Life is a curious notion and can have big surprises bad and good. But I've been with a woman who was a virgin before me, and a woman who had a child before me. I found that the woman with the child knew how to appeal to my sense of desiring attention, love, and sexuality a lot better than the virgin who had no idea how to interact with a significant other besides basic needs.

  • experienced, submission.